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It's no secret that technology, especially Digital Signage, is changing the way we communicate worldwide.

Studio 78 will identify your specific needs and guide you through the development of a turnkey Digital Signage Solution.


Waiting – both in rooms and lines – is something people do a lot of in the healthcare industry. With such a consistently captive audience, your office, clinic or hospital can take advantage of time patients and visitors have by entertaining and informing viewers with your customized Digital Signage Network.

Patient and Visitor Benefits

Decrease Perceived Wait-Time -
by providing entertainment including real-time news, sports and weather

Enhance Customer Experience -
with relevant, timely messaging

Promote -
specialists and services

Educate -
viewers consistently of promotions, organization news, events and useful information

Corporate Benefits

Reduce Staff Interruptions -
with touchscreen directories and lobby entertainment

Reinforce -
a strong corporate culture, brand identity and vision for the future

Educate -
employees of organization news, internal metrics, events and daily meeting details

Increase Efficiency -
in employee training and orientation

Create Additional Revenue -
by selling appropriate advertisements on your company network

Decrease Expenses -
by eliminated the need for printed materials that become outdated quickly

Communicate Emergencies -
to employees, visitors and patients quickly


  • lobbies & entryways
  • interactive touchscreen way-finding
  • waiting rooms
  • employee break rooms
  • high traffic areas
  • dining facilities
  • elevator banks
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Did You Know?

The average time
patients spend
waiting to see a
health-care provider
is 22 minutes

2009 report by Press Ganey Associates


Senior Living Communities have a great deal of important information to communicate with lots of people throughout a day. Digital Signage provides a modern resource to communication with your residents, staff and visitors consistently.

Resident Benefits

Access To Community Information - daily menu, activities, news & events

Community Connection - introduce and celebrate residents, visitors & staff

Informative - weather, news, emergency alerts

Convenient - independent, 24/7 access

Organization Benefits

Market Differentiator - prove to be a progressive, modern residence

Ensure Consistent Communication - to residents, visitors and staff

Satisfaction - for resident and family

Low-Cost - timely information

Eco-Friendly - provides a 'greener' alternative, using less paper

Corporate Benefits

Establish - a strong corporate culture & brand identity

Facilitate - employee training remotely

Display - health and safety messages for residents & staff

Centrally Managed - content with access available to all locations

Highlight - important corporate information

Communicate - policy and benefit plan details

Save Time & Money - in distributing & changing printed information

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  • in-room resident channel
  • lobby welcome screen
  • interactive touchscreen
  • custom way-finding directory
  • common area entertainment
  • waiting rooms
  • employee break rooms
  • dining rooms
  • elevator banks
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All the features to deliver messages effectively
  • Deliver targeted, relevant messages
  • Remotely change content on any display in your network
  • Centrally managed web-based content
  • Easy-to-use templates updated instantly
  • Professionally designed content
  • Existing IT networks/cabling leveraged
  • Multiple level of user permissions
  • Day-part scheduling & display zoning
  • Integration with software systems*

*full evaluation of software would need to be completed to ensure compatibility

Peope are 5-10 times
more likely to notice
dynamic vs.
static media,

and 2-5 times more likely
to recall dynamic vs. static

BearingPoint, Indiana University and Point of Purchase
Advertising International (POPAI) 1999, 2001

  • Application Design – hardware, software, connectivity
  • Project Management
  • Content Creation
  • Installation Coordination
  • Digital Signage Hosting
  • Digital Signage Maintenance
  • Ongoing Management/Support

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