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Our Approach

We take the platinum approach to every website design, digital signage campaign, and custom graphics project.

Platinum is #78 on the Periodic Table of Elements or that big, colorful poster that adorns the back wall of every science classroom in the world. Platinum is known worldwide as a precious and beautiful metal that’s strong and does not tarnish. It’s also easy to work with, valuable, and much rarer than gold. We carry the traits of our favorite element into every client relationship.

Platinum Quality Custom Design

Our responsive websites and digital signage layouts are beautiful, eye-catching, and they hold a customer’s attention. We strive to make your digital marketing project unique and the precious centerpiece of your marketing strategy. Something that you can rely on and give your customers the information and tools they need. And something that you can show off with pride.

Platinum Secure Hosting

Reliable. Backed-up. Secure. These are our fundamentals we bring to you when you host your website or digital signage content with us. Nobody can afford a security breach and we do our best to ensure that your website hosting is iron-clad.

No “big box” hosting companies or foreign hosting solutions. Everything is hosted right here in the USA. Your web services whether it is website hosting, domain management, SSLs are all managed on SSAE 16 Certified managed servers.

Talk about a backup plan, our hosting partner has 4 separate data centers for complete fail over safeguards. They also have a team of over 450 technical support members available 24/7/365 to assist with any of your hosting needs.

Platinum Client Service

Not a fan of IT jargon? We get it. You won’t find any of that here. Our team is experienced at breaking down the complicated language so often found with website development or digital signage projects. You’ll find our processes will take you from concept to implementation, be informative and easy to follow.

At Studio 78, we employ people, not machines. Your phone call will be answered by a real, live person every time. And we offer ongoing maintenance plans with a two-day turnaround or less to quickly implement updates to websites and digital signage content.

We have designed our organization around “client care”. From the time your project gets started you will work with one of our client care specialists. They will be with you all the way through the project until it’s completed. We avoid bouncing you around from one person to another.

Relationships are a core value at Studio 78 and we will work hard to earn your trust and confidence. You can count on us. If we say we can do it, you can be sure it will get done. That’s why we have clients that have been with us since the beginning, 2001.

Because of our specialization, we offer the kind of intimate, personalized service that you just can’t get in most firms.

Platinum Solutions

Team player, all the way. That’s the motto of our game! You and your marketing team are part of our process every step of the way.

At the start of every project, we work with you to identify a user experience specific to your goals. That’s another way that we make every website design and digital signage project unique and identifiable. Then we follow a tested set of quality assurance practices to ensure that we meet 100% of your needs.

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Which is why our design processes allow for flexibility and the creative flow of team dynamics. Whether you already have an established brand or need us to help you create one from scratch, our talented team can match your vision.

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Our experience with Studio 78 was pleasant from the first meeting we had to the end of our finished website.
First Southeast Bank of Canton & Harmony, MN