Strategic Digital Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Studio 78 is a platinum provider of website design and development, digital signage and graphic design for healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

Whether you’re a hospital, small healthcare clinic, dental practice, or specialized medical practice, the experienced team at Studio 78 understands how important it is for your business to meet the needs of your current and potential patients or visitors through effective digital solutions.

In the age of digitalization, ensuring your high-quality health services are accessible across all digital channels is essential for optimal business and customer communication. We’re here to help bridge the gap between your healthcare services and the digital world to ensure you’re reaching your audience in the most efficient and effective way.

Our professional team provides platinum digital and communication solutions for healthcare organizations and facilities of all sizes, including custom website design and development, digital signage, and graphic design.

Our Platinum Healthcare Solutions

Custom Website Design & Development

Websites for healthcare organizations, such as hospitals and medical care clinics, must meet patients’ and visitors’ expectations by implementing a responsive website design that’s easy to navigate for an optimal user experience. We help our clients do that through custom healthcare website design and development.

Additionally, we offer the following website services for our healthcare clients:

  • Vendor Due Diligence Information
  • SSAE 16 Hosting
  • Secure Certificates (SSL)
  • ADA Compliance Audits and Remediation

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Web Design & Development

Digital Signage

Nowadays, customers, clients, and patients expect thorough communication and authentic engagement with brands and businesses. With digital signage for healthcare organizations, you can implement dynamic, targeted messaging that seamlessly communicates and connects with your staff, residents, patients, visitors and more.

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Digital Signage

Graphic Design

Building a recognizable identity and visual language is the foundation for a strong brand. At Studio 78 we work with you to design unique images and visual graphics that align with your healthcare facility’s brand vision and mission.

Additionally, we provide you with multiple logo formats that may be used in a variety of mediums and platforms to effectively get your messaging out into the world for your prospects to see. From billboards to pens, your brand logo and designs will come across as professional, crisp, and impactful.

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Graphic Design
Are you ready to create an exceptional and memorable experience for your customers? Studio 78 is here to help with professional healthcare marketing and digital solutions!

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What Our Healthcare Clients Are Saying…

Although we try to minimize the time our patients and visitors are in the waiting areas, the fact is that in most cases they do have time to see almost all of the messages on our Digital Signage program.

Therefore, we’ve found it to be a very effective communications vehicle to impart a wide range of information including: introductions to our medical staff, billing information, events, healthcare information, notices about special clinics and programs, birth notices, job opportunities and so on.

The Digital Signage program is a very cost efficient and effective element of our communications program. The feedback we get from patients, visitors and staff is very positive.
Sleepy Eye Medical Center, Marketing and Public Relations