Digital Signage for Healthcare Organizations

Digital and wayfinding signage offers a unique opportunity to communicate directly and professionally:

  • Patients, residents, and visitors get their questions answered
  • Organizations become more efficient.

The Studio 78 Difference:

We have worked in healthcare for 20+ years and have experience with hospitals, senior living communities, clinics, and other types of healthcare provider offices.

We offer a turnkey solution:

  • We custom-design your content to be easy to edit, professional, and consistent with your brand.
  • Our simple-to-use web-based content manager lets your people edit and update content from any internet-connected computer.
  • We specify and coordinate hardware installation.
  • We train and support you from our Minnesota office. Answers are just a phone call or email away.

How Your Healthcare Organization Benefits from Digital Signage

Reduced Staff Interruptions

Let your digital signage answer questions, freeing staff to do their important work. Touchscreen directories, building navigation, daily activities, and menus reduce staff interruptions and improve productivity and job satisfaction.

Effective Communication

Share information with employees, residents, patients, and visitors when and where they need it. From daily menus, activities, and touchscreen wayfinding to employee training, digital signage offers a direct, effective, and a professional way to communicate.

Internal Education

By installing digital signage in shared staff areas across multiple locations you can seamlessly educate employees and staff members.

Decreased Expenses

Save on flyers and booklets that become quickly outdated. With digital signage, you can decrease expenses by sharing important information with your staff and your constituencies directly when and where they need it.

Increased Revenue

Digital signage can be your best salesperson, communicating the breadth of your services professionally, and where and when it’s appropriate.

How Patients & Visitors Benefit from Digital Signage

Educate and Inform

With digital signage, you can professionally and appropriately update and broadcast information. What patients, residents, visitors, and employees need to know. Where they need to know it.

Improved In-Room Experience

Sharing real-time menu boards, today's weather, announcements, and more elevates your patients’ experience and reduces the need for in-room visits by staff.

Decreased Perceived Wait Times

Did you know that the average time a patient spends waiting to see a healthcare provider is around 19 minutes? Providing entertainment, such as quizzes and games, real-time news, weather updates, and importantant educational information will make wait time pass quicker.

Studio 78’s Digital Signage for Healthcare Organizations

Explore how Studio 78 implements innovative healthcare digital signage solutions.

Digital Signage Features:

  • Deliver targeted, relevant messages
  • Remotely change content on any display in your network
  • Centrally managed web-based content
  • Easy-to-use templates updated instantly
  • Professionally designed content
  • Leverage existing IT networks/cabling
  • Multiple level of user permissions
  • Day-part scheduling & display zoning
  • Integration with live feeds

Digital Signage Process:

  • Application Design – hardware, software, connectivity
  • Project Management
  • Content Creation
  • Installation Coordination
  • Staff Training
  • Digital Signage Hosting
  • Digital Signage Maintenance
  • Ongoing Management/Support

Digital Signage Applications:

  • Waiting Rooms
  • Lobby/Welcome Area
  • Touchscreen Wayfinding
  • Dining Centers
  • Self-Service Interactive Touchscreens
  • Staff Meeting Rooms
  • High Traffic Areas

What's Our Next Step?

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