Digital Signage for Banks, Credit Unions, and Other Financial Institutions

As the financial world becomes increasingly complex and continues to evolve with ever-changing technological innovations, it has never been more crucial for financial institutions to communicate and engage with their audience and customers in a more personal and impactful way.

Digital signage in banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions offers a unique opportunity to directly connect with their customers and clients while they’re at the institution’s physical location.

Strategically-placed digital signage can help educate customers and update them on relevant information, capture visitors’ attention for more effective marketing opportunities, engage those who are waiting in line, boost brand awareness and loyalty, increase conversion rates, and so much more.

Learn more about how Studio 78 helps banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions utilize digital signage to amplify their business and increase ROI for expanded growth year after year.

How Customers & Members Benefit from Digital Signage

Educate and Inform

Do you have vital information to share with your audience? With digital signage, you can seamlessly broadcast information regarding business news, events, tips, social media, and additional content your customers, members, and visitors would find useful.

Decreased Perceived Wait Times

If you often find your customers and members have to wait in line for financial services, this wait time can be perceptibly decreased through the use of strategic digital signage solutions. Providing entertainment, such as quizzes and games, real-time news, sports, and weather updates will make wait time pass quicker.

Increased Awareness

Customers, members and visitors might not be fully aware of all your products and services. With digital signage, you can continuously promote all your offerings to increase their awareness of what your business can help them with.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Share relevant and timely messaging with your customers, members, and prospects to enhance their experience while visiting your financial institution.

How Your Financial Institution Benefits from Digital Signage

In addition to the digital signage benefits experienced by customers, members and visitors, your financial institution’s internal operations also benefit from this solution.

Increased Sales

With the continual promotion of all your products and services through digital signage, you can effortlessly upsell packages to customers and prospects. This will increase sign-ups and sales to help you meet your revenue goals.

Boosted Efficiency

Digital signage can lend a major role in employee training and orientation. This will help streamline services and internal operations to boost efficiency and staff performance.

Internal Education

By installing digital signage in workspaces across multiple company locations, you can seamlessly educate employees and staff members on organization news, internal metrics, events and daily meeting details.

Decreased Expenses

Banks, credit unions, or financial institutions often spend money on printed materials, such as flyers and booklets, that become quickly outdated and irrelevant. With digital signage, you can decrease expenses by sharing vital information with your staff and team members in a more innovative and applicable manner.

Effective Communication

Share vital and time-sensitive information with your employees and visitors through digital signage. This is crucial for emergency situations, where conveying information quickly will build trust and reliability among your audience and team members

Reinforce Community Culture

By being transparent with your team members and sharing encouraging messages, you build and reinforce a strong corporate culture, brand identity and vision for the future.

Studio 78’s Digital Signage for Financial Institutions

Communicate more easily and quickly with customers or employees with a network of digital signs. Deliver customized, relevant messages easily with a web-based content manager. We design the layouts based on your content and take care of the technical end. You update your content as often as you want to give your company a fresh way to communicate.

Digital Signage Features:

  • Deliver targeted, relevant messages
  • Remotely change content on any display in your network
  • Centrally managed web-based content
  • Easy-to-use templates updated instantly
  • Professionally designed content
  • Existing IT networks/cabling leveraged
  • Multiple level of user permissions
  • Day-part scheduling & display zoning
  • Integration with live feeds

Digital Signage Process:

  • Application Design – hardware, software, connectivity
  • Project Management
  • Content Creation
  • Installation Coordination
  • Staff Training
  • Digital Signage Hosting
  • Digital Signage Maintenance
  • Ongoing Management/Support

Digital Signage Applications:

  • Waiting Area
  • Lobby/Welcome Area
  • Drive-Thru Teller Lanes
  • Self-Service Interactive Touchscreens
  • Outdoor Areas

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