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At Studio 78, we’ve been helping businesses and brands stand out from the crowd with custom website design and development for over 20 years. Our platinum website designs empower clients to effortlessly showcase their products and services, expand their reach, deliver an exceptional user experience across all digital platforms, and so much more.

Learn more about how Studio 78 helps clients grow with custom website design and development by reading our unique features and benefits below.

What’s Included with Studio 78 Custom Website Design?

All of our custom website design packages include these key features that are essential for ensuring your business has the best opportunity for growth and achieving optimal results.

Custom Design, Zero Templates

With over two decades of custom website design and development experience, we understand our platinum clients don’t want their new website to have a cookie-cutter appearance or mediocre design that looks like every other site on the internet.

That’s why we don’t use templates or purchase mainstream layouts from outside sources. Instead, every single website we create for clients is completely custom and designed to fit their brand for a professional, cohesive look and feel. In fact, during our designing process, we use your business’s already-existing marketing materials to ensure every design aspect and elements seamlessly fits with your unique branding.

Ultimately, we don’t cut costs to create and customize boring templates. We’re proud to offer our premium clients high-quality, platinum websites that are completely custom coded to look, feel, and function like nothing else on the internet. When you stand out from the competition, you give your potential new customer or client a reason to pick you over them.

Responsive Website

Today's web experience is all about versatility and adaptability. From wide screen monitors and laptops to tablets and mobile devices like smartphones, Studio 78 designs and develops websites that makes it easy for your target audience to seamlessly access your business site no matter what device or web browser they’re using.

SEO Ready

Ranking high in search engines is crucial for increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and attracting new customers or clients online. However, not all websites are built and designed for effective search engine optimization.

At Studio 78, we design and develop our client websites with SEO in mind. For instance, did you know how fast your website loads impacts your ranking position in search results? This is why one of our focuses when designing a custom website is optimizing site speed, among many other aspects and elements.

By collaborating with Studio 78 for custom website design and development, you can rest assured knowing your website is primed for effective SEO marketing.

Enhanced Security

We have several clients in the financial, business, and healthcare industries that require enhanced website security and protection. Unlike a content management system (CMS), such as Wordpress, which often comes with a higher level of risk and vulnerability, we implement top-level security management to ensure our client’s sensitive data and information stay protected.

For example, Studio 78 implements optimal security steps like changing FTP passwords every quarter, keeping a list of authorized users to ensure no unauthorized access, and providing vendor due diligence information. Learn more about our website security here.

Regular Website Maintenance

Keeping website content fresh and updated is important for sharing essential information with clients and customers. Not to mention, ensuring your website works efficiently is crucial for an optimal user experience.

Every quarter, the knowledgeable Studio 78 team performs client website evaluations to check for broken links, navigation issues, inconvenient design elements, security flaws, and other website concerns that may be negatively affecting user experience.

Secure Client Portal

Studio 78 utilizes a user-friendly client portal that makes it quick and easy for clients to submit changes or request revisions to their website. Our secure portal provides an efficient and effective way for our team to monitor and complete requests in a timely manner. It also gives clients the ability to see more information on projects, requests, or packages with multiple search functions to filter through the past or present data.

Our Custom Website Design & Development Process

While all of our custom designed websites include a completely custom look, responsive and SEO-friendly design, enhanced security, and an exclusive client portal, our approach to designing and building a custom website design for clients is what really makes us stand out from other web design agencies.

It all starts with a unique questionnaire to uncover what you really want and need in a website.

For example, in our design deep dive call and questionnaire, we’ll ask you to get crystal clear on your website purpose, who you’re serving with your website, the functionalities you expect to see, what do you like or don’t like on a website, and much more.

The Studio 78 team will also create website examples and different design layouts, a sitemap to identify what content goes where for optimally user navigation, and uncover opportunities for your site you might not have thought of otherwise.

We work with each client at every step of the way to build and design an exceptional custom website for optimal impact and business growth potential. Ultimately, our primary goal is to ensure our client’s expectations are met and their website is designed to their specific needs.

Studio 78 Custom Website Design Projects

Janesville State Bank Website

Janesville State Bank

For Janesville State Bank, Studio 78 designed and developed a custom banking website that performs better, loads faster, features improved navigation, and is more secure than their previous website. Additionally, we added the functionality of mobile banking and convenient online applications to meet the expectations of customers.

Prairie Lakes Dental Website

Prairie Lakes Dental

Prairie Lakes Dental is just one of our many exceptional clients in the healthcare industry! We helped them improve their marketing and customer reach with a new custom website that features online appointment scheduling, better website layout, easier navigation, and mobile responsiveness. Additionally, we increased their site security to better protect their patient data and information.

Knute Nelson Website

Knute Nelson

Do you have a business in the healthcare or long-term care industry and need a new custom website? Studio 78 is passionate about helping clients who serve and take care of others amplify their business, increase brand awareness, and boost customer engagement through custom designed websites. We worked with Knute Nelson to improve their website functionality, navigation, and design to increase their marketing potential.

What People Say About Us

The website design is better than I ever imagined. So happy with it and our customers are giving us great feedback too.
Our experience with Studio 78 was pleasant from the first meeting had to the end of our finished website.
We are extremely pleased with our new website. Throughout design, creation, and maintenance training the Studio 78 staff were both knowledgeable and efficient.

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