Studio 78 Delivers Accessible Websites

Designing Websites Accessible To All

Studio 78 sets itself apart from many other web development companies not only in our approach but in how our web sites are developed to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium guidelines. We emphasize custom design to:

  • give a positive user experience
  • make the website accessible to those who have a disability or those using a variety of web-enabled devices
  • make the company’s brand distinct and stand out from the competition
  • fulfill the purpose of the website

Bringing Awareness to Accessibility

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness to address accessibility of websites and to develop websites that are user friendly to those who are visually impaired or blind. Assistive technologies and readers are commonly used by disabled people who want to access websites over the internet. As browsers are continually upgrading, so is the hardware and software used with assistive technologies. The components that make up a web page must be constructed in such a way to be compatible with assistive technologies. Poorly designed and developed websites fail to work properly when attempted to be accessed by a disabled person’s reader.

Studio 78 is committed to bring awareness to our clients and the communities we serve through education and making information available for those that want to know more about accessibility. We have also committed resources to help ensure we maintain our knowledge base and implement best practices to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). WCAG was updated from 2.0 to 2.1 in June 2018. It is expected that WCAG will continue to evolve as related technologies continue to change.

Delivering High Quality Website Accessibility

Studio 78 delivers a high quality accessibility website solution by working closely with accessibility auditing firms. It is generally understood that website scanning software used to identify exceptions to WCAG guidelines only identifies 20% - 30% of all exceptions within a given website. In order for a website to be truly in conformance, the website must be audited by human means. The auditing firms actually employ people with visual impairments or are legally blind to perform the audit of the website. Upon completion of the audit and successful remediation of any findings performed by Studio 78, the audit firm then issues a Letter of Conformance to WCAG 2.1 AA to the client.

Studio 78 has incorporated follow-up practices with the client and auditing firm to ensure the website remains in compliance on an ongoing basis.

To learn more about how the Studio 78 team can assist you with an accessible compliant website, Contact Us.

What makes Studio 78 different?

I want to say thank you to your team for all the effort and hard work to get all of our YMCA sites up and going. It has been a great experience.
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